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Bottle leak test machine,empty bottle plastic container leakage

Views: 25     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-03-26      Origin: Huan Machinery

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Bottle leak test machine,empty bottle plastic container leakage

bottle leak testerbottle leak tester

The automatic leak detector is a machine to detect the leakage of plastic bottle. The basic principle of the automatic leak detector is to fill a certain pressure of clean air into the bottle to be tested, and judge whether the blow molding plastic bottle is qualified or not by analyzing the change of the pressure in the bottle. The absolute value of the measurement, such as the shape of the bottle, the pressure difference and the time of the expansion, will not directly affect the measured value.

 bottle leak testerbottle leak tester

With the industry's higher and higher requirements for high-speed automation, this kind of high-speed leak test machine is more and more popular. It can be designed according to the production requirements and linked with the plastic machinery, greatly improving the production efficiency. At present, the output of the leak tester is related to the type, size and testing head quantity of the leak detector.

chemical bottlePesticide bottle

The production of HDPE bottles made of plastic is relatively high, PET bottles are relatively light and the output is relatively low.

The production of large bottles is low and the output of small bottles is high.


Now the leak detector is from 1 to 12, even more, single channel and three channel. The more leakage head, the higher output.

All leak detector selection, according to the actual production requirements of customers and actual plastic products.


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