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The articles shown below are all about the IBC TANK, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the IBC TANK. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these IBC TANK articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • IBC Tank Types

    IBC ton barrels are practical tools for storing and transporting various liquid products, and are widely used in chemical, food and medical industries. What are the different models of IBC tonnage? Are there any differences in the app?What are the categories of IBC tonnage? What are the characterist

  • IBC Tank Features and Advantages

    The IBC market is growing rapidly, with a market share of over 60%, and will continue to be a leader and driver of the major trends in liquid packaging.Product Features:1. It's safer. Whether in product design, or in product production, safety has become the primary feature of IBC plastic container.

  • How to adjust the curve of IBC tank blowing molding machine?

    IBC ton drum is mainly produced by extrusion blow molding. The billet blowing stage is a complex process due to the interaction of billet wall thickness distribution, billet temperature distribution, billet blowing pressure and material characteristics before blowing. Today, we are going to talk abo

  • IBC tank introduction

    Intermediate bulk containers (also known as IBC tank, IBC tote, IBC, or pallet tank) are industrial-grade containers engineered for the mass handling, transport, and storage of liquids, semi-solids, pastes, or solids. Advantage1. Reduce production, storage, transportation and operation cost, save ma

  • Our extrusion blow molding machine for IBC tank (drum)

    IBC ton barrel refers to IBC medium-sized bulk container, which is an essential tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. The container is composed of an inner container and a metal frame, and is blow-molded with high molecular weight and high density polyethylene, which has high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygiene.


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