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  • What are the methods for extruding blowing hollow plastic products?

    (1) Continuous extrusion inflation method. The sequence of continuous extrusion and blow molding of hollow plastic products: extrude the melted tube blank that has been mixed and plasticized uniformly from the extruder to a certain length - the product is moved from the inflation and cooling station

  • Plastic blow molding processing manufacturers custom specific process

    Today, the hollow blow molding factory is here for you to briefly comb the basic process of plastic products customized, and the quotation form of related products. In fact, plastic products customized service is a very simple process, may not be too detailed, we can understand how the customized se

  • Classification of extrusion blow molding machines

    The hollow blow molding machine can be divided into continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machine and intermittent extrusion hollow blow molding machine according to the different discharging methods.1. Continuous extrusion hollow blow molding machineThat is, the tube blank is continuously extrud

  • Energy-saving effect of extrusion blow molding machine

    The energy saving of the extrusion blow molding machine can be divided into two parts: one is the power part and the other is the heating part.Energy saving in the power part: most of them use frequency converters. The energy saving method is to save the excess energy consumption of the motor. For e

  • What is the hot runner of automatic blow molding machine

    The hot runner is heated to ensure that the plastic of the runner and gate remains molten. Because there is a heating rod and a heating ring near or in the center of the runner, the whole runner from the nozzle outlet of the injection molding machine to the gate is in a state of high temperature, so

  • How to use the extrusion blow molding machine more safely

    Matters needing attention before blow molding machine operation:(1) Do not work when you are in poor health or feel tired and uncomfortable; you must wear protective equipment: hats, masks, work clothes, gloves, etc.(2) Check all parts of the machine, tighten the connection nut, the power supply wir

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