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  • A guide to blow molding process control: key factors and optimization tips
    During the blow molding process, there are several key factors that affect parison formation and quality.The main factors are parison temperature control, optimization of blowing pressure and speed, adjustment of inflation ratio, mold temperature management, improvement of cooling time and efficiency and reasonable arrangement of molding cycle.
  • Troubleshooting Common Blow Molding Defects in Plastic Production
    Troubleshooting Common Blow Molding Defects in Plastic ProductionExtrusion blow molding is the preferred technology for producing various plastic products such as HDPE chemical barrels, edible oil bottles, stacked jerry cans and containers for beverages, chemicals or pharmaceuticals, IBC tanks, etc.
  • Application of PWDS® Technology in IBC Blow Molding Machines
    Application of PWDS® technology in IBC blow molding machines IBC tanks are widely used in chemical, food, liquid, semi-solid for the storage and transportation. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that IBC tank does not leak or roll over during transportation. During the production of IBC tank
  • TOP10 25L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer
    The 25L Jerry Can Blow Molding Machine industry has been witnessing significant growth trends, which are further bolstered by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for robust and reliable packaging solutions for various industries, particularly in the healthcare, food and beverage, and ch
  • Introduction to IBC Crushed Material and Addition Ratio
    In the working process of IBC tank blow molding machine, due to the length and width of the parison always exceeding the mold cutter, the mold relies on the cutter to cut the parison and form a complete product. Subsequently, workers or machines remove excess waste from the material, which is then c
  • The origin & development of IBC with advantage- relative to IBC machine
    IBC, also known as IBC intermediate bulk container, is a package container used for stocking and transporting liquid products. The IBC is composed of an inner tank and cage, bottom pallet. The inner tank is by an extrusion blow molding machine from HDPE material. IBC was designed by a German company
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