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Blow molding machine water temperature is too high electric chance water how to do?

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Blow molding machine water temperature is too high electric chance water how to do?

In the case of the application of automatic blow molding machine, there will be such a problem or that kind of problem, believe that many people have encountered the problem of high water temperature, so how to do the automatic blow molding machine water temperature is too high?Different situations must be solved in different ways.If abnormal conditions are found in the water temperature, it is likely to be caused by high fever in the work of steam pressure components themselves, or common faults in the refrigeration system inside the equipment.If it is caused by its own refrigeration system abnormalities, it is likely to be due to its inadequate supply, such as insufficient pressure, such as the total flow of centrifugal ice pump does not meet the demand.If the temperature of the cooling circulating water is too high, it will be due to the abnormal heat dissipation of the heat pipe of the FRP cooling tower, and it will also be caused by the high average temperature.· In the case of the application of automatic blow molding machine, the hydraulic transmission system appears high temperature, then there are three conditions.One: due to the damage of the gasoline pump, the internal parts were damaged under the condition of high speed rotation under the working attitude, resulting in high fever;Two: the working pressure is wrong in the case of the adjustment. If the hydraulic transmission system is in a high pressure situation for a long time, then the overtemperature problem is naturally caused.Three: the original steam pressure internal leakage, it is the final probability.So what can cause this?For example, if the sealing ring is damaged or the azimuth valve is destroyed, it is to make the high pressure to carry out the circulation of goods to produce heat, heat accumulation is too much, of course, there will be a problem of too high water temperature.The above several aspects are the actual cause of the water temperature is too high. After we understand the common fault, we believe that after the common fault, we can also be more confident about the maintenance of the automatic blow molding machine.

How should we deal with the water seepage of the motor of the plastic blow molding machine?

Plastic blow molding machine motor seepage, we want to properly dispose of, so, blow molding machine motor seepage after how to deal with?For the seepage of the blow molding machine motor, the first thing we should do is to carry out the inspection according to the following four steps, and then after drying, the megohmmeter or digital multimeter must be applied to check the characteristics of the electromagnetic coil around.After all the difficulties in the trial work, the blow molding machine can be put into use.First, it is necessary to clean the sludge and residue of the outside world, but it is not necessary to roll the motor shaft.2, remove the body, after finishing to remove the trim on the wall, the motor rotor and electrical slip ring of mud and water, careful inquiry winding have poor contact, whether carbon brush in the brush holder rust stuck and carbon brush work pressure is normal, carbon brush and electrical slip ring features have close together, assume that finds out you will need to immediately swept clean.However, current heating or fire baking should not be applied to prevent short circuit fault from damaging cable sheath.Three, to hold air drying around the resistance.Blow molding machine motor in the first time by water immersion may soak, to immediately carry out inspection and repair, and then remove the moisture inside, residue, in order to prevent motor damage may be damaged.It is proposed that fluorescent lamps can be used to carry out baking, then let the water evaporate, and can also be put into the shade and dry naturally.Four, the blow molding machine motor will be installed in detail, then try to carry out the work.If you find a poor response, be sure to shut down immediately for inspection.

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