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Wide mouth barrel neck cutting machine #Plasticauxiliarymachinery

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Wide mouth barrel neck cutting machine #Plasticauxiliarymachinery

Wide-mouth barrels are made of ultra-high molecular weight high-density polyethylene and are produced by extrusion blow molding machines. This barrel has the characteristics of high strength and corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient filling and cleaning, and easy loading, unloading and transportation. Wide applicability, can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and other industries packaging.

PE drum (2)

Due to the large mouth of the wide-mouth barrel, in the production process, the blowing needle for blowing air will be made into a blowing needle smaller than the mouth of the barrel, and then meet the production of the barrel. Of course, this design also produces flash, so we need to cut off the excess flash.

So how do you cut this deflash off?

PE drum (1)

In order to get a smooth, high-precision barrel mouth, we use a specific trimming machine. According to the size of the barrel and the size of the barrel mouth, the frame and cutter head of the cutting machine are customized to meet the actual production needs.

Through continuous experimentation, our technology has become very mature. Now the speed of the trimming machine is fast, the repaired barrel mouth is beautiful, and the fit with the barrel lid is high.

plastic drum neck cutting machine

In addition, we also provide various other auxiliary equipment, cooperate with blow molding machine production, and provide customers with automated production lines, so that customers can produce market-competitive plastic products.

extrusion blow molding machine production line

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