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Why are auxiliary machines important?

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Why are auxiliary machines important?

In the production process of plastic products, in addition to the main equipment hollow extruder, there are also some corresponding auxiliary equipment.

Why are these auxiliary devices needed?

In the production process of plastic products, auxiliary machines have two purposes. One is necessary, such as chillers and air compressors, and the other is to achieve fully automated production, save labor, and provide production efficiency, such as conveyor belts and balers. Among them, the production of automated production lines is more and more popular with plastic product manufacturers. From bottle production to packing and shipping, no manual operation is required, and the operation is fully mechanized, which is faster, more efficient, clean and tidy.

Now I will introduce the following two auxiliary machines to you, so that you can better understand.

  1. Chiller. In the production process of the blow molding machine, we must ensure that the temperature of the equipment is stable, the temperature of the mold is stable, and the cooling is fast. In order to meet production requirements, we need to pass cooling water to equipment and molds. In the production process, the temperature is generally about 8 degrees, and ordinary water cannot meet this requirement. At this time, we need a chiller. Ordinary water is cooled by the chiller to reach the production temperature to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and molds. All chillers are a must.

    chiller (17) cooling system

  2. The bottle bagging packing machine is a device invented to achieve production automation. In the past, when labor costs were low and automation requirements were not high, some customers would use manual packaging to pack bottles and then ship them out. Now with the increase in labor costs and the improvement of automated production, most factories use automatic packaging equipment to improve their own productivity and reduce costs. 

bottle bagging packing machine     

In addition to chillers, balers, feeders, leak detectors, labeling machines, conveyor belts and other auxiliary equipment. If you have needs, please contact us. Our engineers will provide customized solutions according to your actual production needs.


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