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What should I do if the plastic extruder motor sees water?

Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-04-25      Origin: Huan Machinery Inquire

What should I do if the plastic extruder motor sees water? There will always be some faults during the operation of the equipment, which need to be dealt with in time. For example, the motor seepage problem may occur during the production of the blow molding machine. Proper handling can prevent the motor from being damaged. How to deal with this situation?


After discovering water seepage in the motor, the silt and residue from the outside should be cleaned up immediately, but there is no need to roll over the motor shaft. Then clean up the silt and water marks on the inner wall of the casing, the motor rotor and the electric slip ring, and carefully check whether the winding has poor contact, whether the carbon brush is rusted and stuck in the brush holder and the work of the carbon brush Is the pressure normal? Is the carbon brush and the electric slip ring close to each other? If you find it needs to be cleaned immediately. However, it is not possible to use electric current to heat up or to use fire to prevent short-circuit failure or to damage the cable sheath.


After disassembly and cleaning, remove the moisture and residue to prevent damage to the motor. Here, fluorescent lamps can be used to evaporate the moisture, or you can wait for natural air drying.

After the moisture in the motor is dried, the components are installed in detail, and try to see if they can work normally. If there is any problem, please stop immediately, replace and repair

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