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What should I do if the feeding device of the plastic blow molding machine fails?

Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-07-07      Origin: Huan Machinery Inquire

After the plastic blow molding machine is put into production again, the feeding device often fails, how to deal with it?

Plastic blow molding machine is a relatively common type of equipment, which can be used to produce large multi-layer blow molding equipment, which is a common cause of failure of plastic blow molding machines.


No feeding at the feeding level

If it is found that the feeding level is not feeding, it should be checked in time that there is no material in the hopper and feeding in time. Please check whether the control contactor of the hoist is energized. If it is, check whether the motor is energized and loaded. It is probably because the embryo is stuck in the lifting belt and needs to be solved manually.


Feeding the old card feed tray

The jam of the feed tray is one of the most troublesome problems. The reason may be that the length of the preform is longer than the length of the preform and the weight is heavier. Check in time whether there is any misalignment in the place where the hollow blow molding machine often clamps the manipulator. If the feed tray jams frequently, be sure to check whether the feed tray is installed at the correct position and height. You can mark the installation position with a mark for easy adjustment in the future.

220L drum blow machine

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