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What should I do if static electricity is generated during the production of blow molded products?

Views: 0     Author: HUAN MACHINERY     Publish Time: 2021-12-01      Origin: HUAN MACHINERY

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What should I do if static electricity is generated during the production of blow molded products?

In the blow molding process, when the molten plastic parison falls to the open mold, there will be static electricity, which may cause a series of problems. The static charge always has the same polarity, so the parison will repel each other. In this case, it is usually impossible to transfer the object to the tool, and the pressure line on the molded product will also cause quality problems.

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In view of the problem of static electricity generated in the production process of blow molded products, four solutions have been collected.

1. Chemical methods

That is, an antistatic agent that has a moisture absorption effect and is harmless to the plastic is added to the plastic material to reduce the resistance of the surface. The types of antistatic agents selected according to different types of plastics are used; both ionic and non-ionic are hygroscopic antistatic agents. After these additives are added, these materials can absorb moisture in the air and reduce surface resistance. Achieve anti-static performance.

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2. Physical methods

Generally, the most commonly used anti-static measures are grounding and maintaining the temperature and humidity of the working environment. It is also possible to install some products specifically designed to eliminate static electricity on jobs that are extremely prone to static electricity to eliminate static electricity.


3. Installing static elimination equipment on high-speed blister molding machines, slitting machines, blow molding machines and other plastic machinery and equipment can effectively eliminate high-voltage static electricity generated when plastic sheets are pulled at high speeds, and prevent the sheets from adsorbing dust in the air due to static electricity Or the sheets adhere to each other due to static electricity, which effectively improves the product grade and quality of the plastic sheets after production and processing.


4. Install an electrostatic ionizing rod at the entrance of the plastic raw material of the plastic injection molding machine to eliminate high-voltage static electricity generated by the raw material in the flow, so as to prevent the raw material from forming agglomerates and piles at the entrance directly affecting production due to static electricity.


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