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What products can be produced by injection molding machine and extrusion blow molding machine?

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What products can be produced by injection molding machine and extrusion blow molding machine?

injection molding machine

First explain what is an injection molding machine? The working principle of the injection molding machine: the injection molding machine melts the plastic into a liquid state, injects it into the closed mold, and then demolds it after cooling.

Injection molding machines are also divided into large and small. Although general small injection molding machines cannot produce large products, they are like some small and delicate plastic products, such as mobile phone cases, electronic parts, electrical parts, medical supplies, stationery, glasses, hardware, zippers, shoe soles, etc., or Friends who have high requirements for product grams can choose a small injection molding machine, because its injection accuracy error is small and the production speed is fast.

Injection molding machines are divided into different models, and according to the distinction of models, different products are produced. For example, the disc vertical injection molding machine can produce various pipes, pipe fittings, various switches, lighting, household appliances refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, mechanical structural parts, cams, shells, etc. In addition to this model, there are also some two-color material injection molding machines, C-type vertical injection molding machines, etc. Anyway, there are many models.

injection molding machine

What is extrusion blow molding machine? The basic principle of the extrusion blow molding machine: the raw material is passed through the extruder to obtain a tubular parison, which is heated and softened, placed in the model (equivalent to a balloon skin), and compressed air (blowing) is introduced, and the shape is formed by pressure. The embryo is close to the inner wall of the mold, and after cooling, various hollow plastic products can be obtained.

120L extrusion blow molding machine

What products can a blow molding machine produce? For example, various bottles, jars, buckets, pots, hollow seats, mineral water bottles, and special-shaped hollow products, in fact, what products are produced, mainly depends on the mold to determine the appearance or specifications of the products produced. There are also some large hollow products, such as road cones, traffic warning posts, water horses, and crash buckets.

food bottle

According to different raw materials, the blow molding produced is also different. For example, some hollow toys or bottles are mostly made of PE and PP.


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