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What is the reason for the large impact sound of blow molding mold clamping?

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I The cause

1. Improper adjustment of the throttle valve for slow mold closing

2. The position of the slow-speed mold closing actuator is improper, the actuator does not touch the proximity switch, or the proximity switch at the slow mold closing speed and the end point of mold closing is broken.

3. The clamping pressure is too high

4. The actuator does not touch the proximity switch after the mold is closed


II Solutions

1. Adjust the throttle valve of slow mold closing clockwise

2. Adjust the position of the actuator so that it can touch the proximity switch when the mold is closed at a slow speed

3. Appropriately reduce the clamping pressure

4. Check or replace the proximity switch

5L mould

Does the hydraulic pump make a lot of noise during hydraulic action?

The cause

1. The hydraulic pump may be damaged

2. There are too many magazines in the filter screen in the fuel tank, which is seriously blocked

3. The ball valve between the tank and the hydraulic pump is closed

4. The quality of the hydraulic oil is not good, and the oil temperature is too high

5. There is air in the pipeline from the oil tank to the hydraulic pump

Extrusion blow molding machine


1. Check the hydraulic pump and replace it if necessary

2. Clean or replace the filter

3. Open the ball valve between the oil tank and the hydraulic pump

4. Replace the hydraulic oil and check the cooling water entry

5. Tighten the joints of the pipeline to strengthen the sealing of each connecting part



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