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What is a filling line?What is liquid filling machine?

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What is a filling line?What is liquid filling machine?

In recent years, with the rapid development of liquid drinks, the market demand for filling production lineis booming, and the filling machine production line has become a solid backing of the beverage market. So what will happen to the characteristics of the filling production line and the development of the market in the future?


Characteristics of future filling production line

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food, beverages, medicines, etc. have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. With the continuous gushing of these demands, major commodity companies have also swarmed, and the dazzling array of commodities dazzled us. How can a company stand in the market? Filling production line is a good choice for enterprises, because it can not only save the production cost of enterprises, but also can quickly produce to meet market demand. What are the benefits of the filling production line? 


Let's talk about it in detail below:

1. The filling production line adopts specially made filling valve and high-power vacuum pump, and the liquid level is consistent after packaging and filling.

2. When filling, the bottle mouth is sealed and the filling body flows down the bottle wall, which effectively controls the waste of production materials caused by the impact of the filling body and prevents the overflow of the filling body.

3. The filling production line can speed control by frequency conversion, and the bottle filling machine's speed is fast. It is equipped with overload protection device, bottle clamping stop, soft start and elastic bottle supporting device to reduce the damage of bottles.

4. The filling volume is adjusted by adding and subtracting the gasket on the filling valve, which is convenient and fast.

To sum up, the liquid filling production line can not only reduce energy consumption and save energy, but also accelerate the production process and improve the production efficiency of enterprise products. And then promote the development of packaging machinery industry.

water filling machine

Development market of filling production line

Due to the low level of small and medium-sized liquid filling production lines, poor capacity of complete sets and more manufacturers, the filling production lines in China are constantly optimized and updated.

Filling production line has strong flexibility, which can be widely used in the production and processing of a variety of products. It plays an important role in food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries,widely used for mineral water filling . The advantages and disadvantages of filling production line are often related to the quality of products and production efficiency, enterprise benefits, and more and more production and processing enterprises are generally concerned about its development prospects.

Relevant experts pointed out that China's liquid packaging industry is a high growth industry. The mature liquid packaging industry is growing steadily, new hot spots and growth points are constantly emerging, and new filling industry is growing faster. At the same time, China's packaging machinery has developed into an industry with great influence and market share in the world's liquid food industry, The market development potential of liquid filling production line is huge. In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of packaging industry and actively participate in international competition, China's filling production line must break the "small and scattered" industry trend and make continuous progress in the "high-end" direction, The filling machine will be developed in the following directions: standardization of structure design, modularization, intelligent control and high-precision structure. Therefore, the development of filling production line provides the necessary guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of food and medicine, which proves once again that the development of filling production line has great market potential.


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