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What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molding?

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What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molding?

What are the ways to improve the quality of blow molding? The importance of blow molding equipment to industrial production is self-evident. A large number of plastic products are manufactured by blow molding. The more common blow molding method is extrusion molding. The problem of poor product quality will inevitably occur during the production process. Let me learn how to improve the quality of blow molding.


1. Inflation pressure

Blowing pressure can inflate the semi-molten tube blank to closely adhere to the cavity wall to form the desired shape, and it can also cool the blow molded product. Generally, if the inflation pressure of large volume is too large or too small, it is not conducive to the production, and the shape and pattern of the suitable pressure product will be more clear.

220L drum blow machine

2. Inflation speed

In order to shorten the blowing time and obtain blow molding products quickly, it is necessary to inject a large amount of air in a short time to ensure uniform and rapid expansion in the mold cavity and shorten the cooling time in the mold cavity.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacutre

3. Blow mold temperature

Mold temperature has a greater impact on the appearance of blow molded products. Generally, the temperature of the mold should be cooled as uniformly as possible. The level of the mold temperature is related to the type of plastic, the thickness and size of the product.

For different types of plastic molds, the temperature is too high, the cooling time is prolonged, the production cycle is increased, and the productivity is reduced. At this time, if the cooling is not enough, it will also cause the product to be demolded and deformed, the shrinkage rate increases, and the surface gloss deteriorates. Generally, the mold temperature should be higher for plastics with greater molecular chain rigidity; and for plastics with greater molecular chain flexibility, the mold temperature should be lower.







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