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What are the molding methods of hollow products ?

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What are the molding methods of hollow products ?

What are the molding methods of hollow products? What are the similarities and differences of each molding method, and which hollow products can they produce? Regarding the answers to the above questions, the editor of HUAN MACHINERY will tell you one by one in the following content.

What are the molding methods of hollow products?

There are 4 common hollow product molding methods.

They are extrusion blow molding, injection hollow molding, stretch hollow molding and multi-layer composite hollow molding.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer

The similarities and differences of hollow product molding methods

Common ground:

The heated and melted plastic raw materials are passed through three different raw material output and molding methods, so that the raw material parisons enter the interior of the mold in different ways, and after a period of molding processing, the required plastic hollow products are produced.

The difference:

Extrusion hollow molding is to extrude the raw material parison in the molten state through the die head and enter the mold to form it.

Injection hollow molding is to input the processed raw materials into the mold by injection for molding.

Stretch blow molding is to use the stretching force on the parison to form.

Multi-layer composite hollow molding is based on the basic hollow product molding method, using multi-layer hollow molding technology.

Production line of blow molding machine

What products can be produced by hollow product molding method?

Extrusion blow molding is used to produce large plastic hollow products, such as:

Large plastic water tanks, chemical barrels, plastic table tops, plastic pallets, septic tanks, mobile toilets...

Injection blow molding is used to produce small volume plastic containers such as:

Beverage bottles, plastic bottles, plastic accessories, plastic toys...

Stretch hollow molding can produce more hollow products, whether large or small, because stretch hollow molding is developed on the basis of extrusion molding and injection molding.

hollow plastic products

However, the application of stretch blow molding in the daily production of hollow products is still relatively small, because the process control coefficient is more complicated and there are many uncontrollable factors. In comparison, the use of extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding some more.

Multi-layer composite hollow molding, as can be seen from the name, is for the production of multi-layer hollow products, and is mostly used in the production of large multi-layer water tanks and buckets. Generally large hollow products, in addition to water tanks, pallets, septic tanks. Chemical barrels and the like can also be produced in multiple layers.

The large-scale hollow molding machine produced by HUAN MACHINERY Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce 0-1000L, 1-8 layer multi-layer hollow products. The advantage of our multi-layer hollow molding equipment is that we have adopted the self-developed multi-layer die head technology to ensure the uniformity and stability of the wall thickness of each layer under normal production conditions, which greatly enhances the quality of hollow products.

Today's HUAN MACHINERY sharing, the editor has talked with you here. Regarding the molding methods of hollow products, as well as the similarities and differences of each molding method, and the products that can be produced, the editor has made a detailed explanation, and I believe everyone has a certain understanding. If you have other questions about blow molding, you can browse them on the news page of the official website of HUAN MACHINERY. The editor of HUAN MACHINERY will bring more sharing about blow molding.

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