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What are the main contents of regular maintenance of hollow blow molding machines?

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  1. Cleaning and scrubbing the oil stains on various parts of the blow molding machine and the dust in the electric control box;

  2.  Disassemble the gearbox and bearing gland, check the quality of the lubricating oil and the amount of metal powder in the oil, and clean and change the oil if necessary;

    2 screws

  3. Check the wear of various transmission parts, the gears with serious wear should be surveyed and mapped, and prepared to be replaced in the next maintenance;

  4.  Check the wear of the belt in the V-belt drive, and adjust the tightness of the V-belt installation. The V-belt with serious wear should be replaced;

    30L hdpe drum mould

  5. Check the wear of the barrel and screw. For mild scratches and worn rough surfaces, use whetstone or fine emery cloth to smooth and smooth, and record the measured dimensions of the barrel and screw working surfaces;

  6. Record the V-belt model specifications and bearing model specifications with serious wear and tear. After the maintenance work, put forward an order plan for damaged parts and prepare for replacement in the next maintenance;

    60L machine

  7. Check and correct the difference between the heating temperature of the barrel (measured by a mercury thermometer) and the temperature value displayed by the instrument to ensure the correct operation of the extrusion process temperature;

  8. Adjust and test each safety alarm device to verify its reliability and accuracy;

    Extrusion blow molding machine

  9. Test and check whether various pipelines (water, gas and lubricating oil) are unobstructed, repair leakage and blocking parts,

  10. Check and adjust the position of electric heating device, cooling fan and safety cover; ensure that they can work effectively and normally.



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