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What are the extrusion blow molding machine?

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What are the extrusion blow molding machine?

What are the hollow blow molding machine equipment? The hollow blow molding process, also known as blister molding, is one of the molding methods for manufacturing hollow plastic products. The process originated from the glass container blowing process, and it was gradually developed and applied to the spa blow molding technology in the 20th century. I would like to talk to you about what kinds of equipment the hollow blow molding machine equipment includes.

60L machine

1. Classification of Extrusion Blow Molding Process

Hollow blow molding can be divided into injection blow molding and extrusion blow molding according to the type of use.

Injection blow molding: Firstly, plastic is made into a bottomed parison by injection molding, and then the parison is moved into the blown film for blow molding and molding.

Extrusion blow molding: the tube blank is directly extruded by the extruder and hung in the pre-divided cavity just below the installation head. When the sagging parison reaches the length requirement, the mold is closed, and the tube blank is cut off from the parting surface Compressed gas is passed into the small hole to make the parison blow into close contact with the mold wall to form, and the pressure is maintained to cool and shape.

machine 1

2. What are the hollow extrusion blow molding machine equipment?

Hollow blow molding machine equipment is composed of head, die, inflation system, auxiliary system, etc. Therefore, hollow blow molding equipment can be divided into extruders, blow molding machines, injection molding machines, etc., but their essential principles are the same.


The equipment infrastructure of the hollow blow molding machine can be divided into a power part and a heating part. The power part is mainly used for energy transmission and wind output, and the main components are composed of frequency converters and motors. The heating part is composed of an electromagnetic heater and a bracket part, which can be used to heat the plastic that needs to be heated and blow molded by wind to ensure long-term softening.


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