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EMPTY PLASTIC PRODUCTS LEAK TEST MACHINE is more and more popular now. Because split seams, weak seals, and another packaging issues do not just result in leaks, they also can lead to contamination that affects product integrity and can affect bottle supplier’s reputation.

bottle leak test machine

Leak testing machine is suitable for empty bottle like material PE, PET, PP, PVC, PETG container, and some special design for sloping neck bottles. In order to reach full automatic production line and save the labor. The leak tester will be connected to extrusion blow molding machine, pet blowing machine, injection and blowing machine. Sometimes, it also could use conveyor to connect several plastic machines to one set leak test machine. 

pe bottle,hdpe bottle,plastic container

Different capacity machines model could be chosen according to plastic machines production capacity. Now HUAN MACHINERY could offer 600pcs/hr to 7200pcs/hr capacity test machines. Whole process is smooth and quick.

All our leak test machine adopt module design, could easy for adjusting the height, operation and maintenance. Our machine could test min. 0.1mm hole, meet the requirement of plastic products production.

bottle leak test head

Our leak test machines are constantly being updated . Except normal leak detector, we designed three channel high speed test detecting machine and vacuum delivery test machine which have been used for plastic products production line. The work process is stable and quick, meet the requirement of high capacity production.   


HUAN MACHINERY team will keep on improving to design quick and stable leak tester for our clients. 


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