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Various forms of capping screw machines

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Various forms of capping screw machines

The packaging material of hollow products consists of bottles (barrels) and lids. After filling, all packages need to be fitted with lids.

In industrial packaging, the screw cap method is basically completed by the machine, and the machine is divided into two types: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic means manual capping, and the capping device rotates until it is tightened. With the improvement of industrial automation and the continuous rise of labor costs, fully automatic screw caps have been gradually developed and applied to production.

Take a 5L conventional oil drum as an example:

engine oil bottle

   In a conventional capping machine, the capping head will not move left and right. The manipulator grabs the bottle cap and stops at the capping station through the conveyor belt to the bottom, and the capping action starts; after the capping action is completed, the conveyor belt sends the screwed bottle away. Cap the bottle, the next cycle begins.

   Now we have a new type of tracking capping machine. The capping head or the capping station moves forward with the bottle on the conveyor belt through the servo control system. The capping action is completed in the dynamic process, and the bottle has no dead time, which is greatly shortened. capping cycle.

The capacity of the conventional capping machine to serve 5L oil drums is 12/min, while the tracking capping machine can spin 35-40/min, increasing the production capacity by 3 times, which is favored by manufacturers.

engine oil bottle


   Of course, there is also a capping machine, which is a rotary capping machine with 8 or 10 stations. The capacity of this capping machine is higher, which will reach 45-50 or even 60 per minute. The rotary capping machine is suitable for regular round bottles, which is convenient for the turntable to be fixed and easy to rotate, and is mostly used in food packaging. We will share and discuss with you in future articles!

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