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Use of energy-saving blow molding machine

Views: 6     Author: HUAN MACHINERY     Publish Time: 07-09-2022      Origin: HUAN MACHINERY

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Use of energy-saving blow molding machine

Bottle blowing machine as a plastic product production device, the liquid plastic spray out, using the wind generated by the machine equipment, the ejection of plastic blown to the mold cavity of a specific character, cooling and forming the product to be produced, this method greatly improves the production efficiency. But we all know that bottle blowers are made of plastic, and that they consume electricity when they work. Baxter actively carry out product innovation, on the basis of completing the basic function of the bottle blowing machine, and strive to reduce energy consumption as far as possible, the production of energy-saving bottle blowing machine.

mould plate

Let's learn about HUAN MACHINERY's energy-saving hollow blow molding machine is how to achieve it! There are two realization parts of the energy-saving bottle blowing machine, namely the power part and the heating part. The main function of the power part is to generate wind power. It uses frequency converter to save energy. Usually, it will save the remaining energy consumption of the motor. The transformation of the bottle blowing machine by the frequency converter makes the current of the motor many times higher than the rated current, which will affect the service life of the motor in the long run.

60L machine

Another part is heated, it is mainly used to heat the plastic become liquid, generally using electromagnetic heater to energy saving, electromagnetic heater by adding to raise the utilization rate of thermal insulation layer, and at the same time it can directly heating tube, reduce the heat loss because of the heat transfer, at the same time its heating speed, improve the production efficiency. It uses 30 to 70 percent less power than older resistance rings.

MEPER Machine (16)

The professionals of HUAN MACHINERY remind people to pay attention to some plastic products made from waste bottle caps through recycled plastic pelleting machines, and advise people to avoid brightly colored plastic products in their daily life, especially plastic bags, as these products usually have unknown origins and chemical composition may cause harm to health. We must be alert to the irresponsible behavior of some illegal businesses, in the choice of bottle blowing machine and plastic supplies, choose qualified manufacturers and better quality products, and try to buy energy-saving bottle blowing machine.


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