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The role of blow molding machine die

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The role of blow molding machine die

1. What is the die head of the blow molding machine?

The die head of the blow molding machine, also known as the die head, is an important part of the blow molding machine. As one of the main equipment for the production of plastic products, the blow molding machine consists of an extruder, a die head, a fixture mechanism and a blowing system. The die head is the vertical body from the extrusion port to the top, which is called the die head. There are two types of dies currently in use, one is a continuous extrusion die and the other is a storage die.

挤出 160L设备110mm螺杆

2. the role of the die

The die head is the main part of the extrusion of sodium material parts. It makes the molten plastic from the extruder change from a spiral motion to a linear motion, and further gradually gradually generates the necessary molding pressure to ensure the compactness of the plastic parts, so as to obtain the cutting edge. And continuous shapes that are similar in shape.

Usually extruded plastic parts include pipes, rods, plates, sheets, meshes, monofilaments, pellets, various profiles, blown films, wires and cables, etc. The dies used are called pipe die, rod die.

4层挤出 4层双工位80FD

3. Application of die head

Although the plastic part extruded from the die has a predetermined shape, because the temperature of the part is relatively high, it will deform due to its own weight, so it is necessary to use a sizing device to cool and shape the shape of the part, so as to obtain energy The correct size, geometry and surface quality for the requirements. Usually, the method of cooling, pressurizing or vacuuming is used to stabilize the predetermined shape of the plastic extruded from the die, and then finish it, so as to obtain a lance material with a more accurate cross-sectional size and a brighter surface. pieces.


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