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The principle of double ring barrel blow molding machine

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The principle of double ring barrel blow molding machine

1. The principle of double ring barrel blow molding machine

In simple terms, the working principle of the blow molding machine is similar to blowing bubbles. After the plastic and the hopper enter the extruder barrel, as the screw rotates, it is forced to the direction of the machine head by the thread. Due to the resistance of the filter screen, the dividing plate and the die of the machine head at the head, and the capacity between the screw threads is gradually reduced, the advancing material is subject to great resistance, and at the same time, it is heated by the heat introduced by the barrel; on the other hand , When the plastic is under the action of compression, shearing, stirring and other forces during the movement, the friction with the barrel, the screw and the friction between the plastic molecules will generate a lot of heat. As the temperature of the plastic in the barrel continues to rise, its physical state gradually changes from a glassy state to a highly elastic state, and finally becomes a viscous state, and is further completely plasticized. Because the screw is constantly rotating, the plasticized plastic is extruded from the die of the die at the same pressure and in the same amount, which is called a plastic product with a certain shape. After cooling and setting, the extrusion molding work is completed.

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2. Advantages and characteristics of double ring barrel blow molding machine

The double-ring barrel blow molding machine can produce 200 liters, 1-2 layers of plastic chemical barrels and double-ring barrels, but it is generally mainly used for the production of 220-liter double-ring barrels. Supporting facilities, stable operation, energy saving and low consumption, replacement of molds can complete the production of different products, and realize "one machine for multiple purposes". The multi-layer die technology and wall thickness control technology are used on the die head to better overcome the multi-layer wall thickness problem in the production process of plastic barrels.


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