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The future development direction of extrusion blow molding machine

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Extrusion blow molding machine is a very common mechanical equipment in the plastic machinery industry. Blow molding technology has been widely used all over the world. According to the manufacturing method of the parison, blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and hollow blow molding, and the newly developed multi-layer blow molding and stretch blow molding.

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As one of the three commonly used plastic processing methods, hollow blow molding has been widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and infant products industries. As one of the important equipment in the plastics processing industry, the hollow blow molding machine has a direct impact on the entire plastics industry.

Extrusion blow molding machine is moving closer to intelligence

In recent years, the overall development trend of the hollow blow molding machine manufacturing industry has been relatively stable. At the same time, the research and application of new blow molding machine technologies by enterprises has accelerated significantly. With the further deepening and development of the military-civilian integration strategy, many military-civilian dual-use Blow molded products are also under development.


Hollow plastic blow molding machines have been developed from a single unit in the past to an intelligent production line for hollow blow molding machines. With the close to the industry 4.0 trend, its development speed has gradually accelerated. This kind of intelligent production line of hollow plastic blow molding machine mainly includes: hollow plastic blow molding machine, full-automatic feeding machine, full-automatic mixing machine, full-automatic post-cooling and de-flashing equipment, (robot de-flashing system) fully automatic The labeling machine, flash conveying equipment, flash crusher, weighing equipment, air tightness testing equipment, finished product packaging equipment and finished product conveying equipment constitute an intelligent automatic blow molding machine production line.

On the one hand, its intelligent development is to allow blow molding machines to perform more tasks more intelligently, reduce human resource input, and allow manufacturers to reduce labor costs. On the other hand, intelligence can make the plastic bottle blowing process more convenient, allowing users of blow molding machine equipment to obtain greater returns with less investment.

The future development direction of extrusion blow molding machine

With the advancement and development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s quality of life, the demand for plastics is increasing due to the characteristics of lightness, portability and low cost. As a kind of hollow blow molding machine, the cost is low, the adaptability is strong, and the molding performance is good. Machinery and equipment, the development prospects are optimistic about the industry.


With the continuous improvement and perfection of the intelligent production line of hollow blow molding machines, the labor intensity of the operators has been greatly reduced, the production efficiency and production quality of the equipment have been improved, and the labor cost of the enterprise has been reduced. In the future, the intelligent production line of the hollow blow molding machine will Continue to develop along the path of specialization, scale, automation and intelligence.

On the other hand, under the guidance of the military-civilian integration strategy, the research and development and production of these high-demand blow molding products will surely drive the development and in-depth development of new blow molding technologies, including high strength, high durability, high impact resistance, temperature difference, The research and development of blow-molded products such as antistatic and conductive blow-molded containers and products will become the focus, and a greater market demand will likely be formed. These needs will directly lead the research and development of some professional blow molding machines and the research of related blow molding technologies and materials.


In the next few years, the technological progress and innovation of the core related technologies of the blow molding machine intelligent production line will directly determine the survival of blow molding machine production line manufacturers. At the same time, due to the inherent characteristics of hollow blow molding products and the increase in logistics and transportation costs, the transportation distance of finished products cannot be too large. Therefore, a moderately large blow molding plant for hollow products is the main development direction in the future. This main feature is also worthy of hollow blow molding. Plastic molding machine research and development and manufacturing companies pay special attention.



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