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The extrusion blow molding machine price.

Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-04-13      Origin: Huan Machinery


How much is a extrusion blow molding machine

The question must be that many companies interested in purchasing are curious. How much is a blow molding machine? Let's get to know it together today.

The detailed price of extrusion blow molding machine is difficult to tell, because there are dozens of blow molding machine products, and the price of different machines is different, so here we count several factors that affect the price of blow molding machines. Everyone can be a reference when buying a blow molding machine.

1. Blow molding products

First of all, it depends on what product you make and what kind of production process advantage you need. There are great differences in the molds and processes required to produce products at different blow molding machine prices.


2. Manufacturers

Another important influencing factor is of course the manufacturer. The price of the product by the manufacturer comes from a variety of comprehensive factors such as technical personnel and raw material prices. The difference in energy prices in different regions and the geographical advantages have caused a large price difference between manufacturers. This is The inevitable problem.

In general, we must analyze our own products before choosing a blow molding machine, and the products we need to do in the future, to choose a blow molding machine that suits us, such as analyzing the weight, size and requirements of the product, and The material of the processed product and the weight of the processed product determine the size of the equipment, and whether it is made with a multi-die head or a double-station multi-die head. These are some of the issues we need to consider before choosing a blow molding machine.

HUAN MACHINERY has more than 15 years in extrusion blow molding machine filed.We are especially good at making multi-layer extrusion blow molding machines.Due to the non-degradability of plastics, plastic pollution is very serious. Our machines can use recycled materials to produce multilayer plastic products, reducing plastic waste.

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