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Reducer for extrusion blow molding machine

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Reducer for extrusion blow molding machine

1. The reducer shall be protected from moisture during transportation and storage. The outside surfaces of reducer shall be recoated with anti-rust oil if it has been left uninstalled for 6 months.


2. The reducer shall be installed on a level foundation. When all anchor bolts are evenly tightened, ensure that the screw inserted into the output shaft turns freely and regularly, thus to prevent the lifetime of the bearing of output shaft from being shortened due to additional force applied to it. The screw shall not be installed and dismantled by force.

3 螺杆 减速机 电机

3. After the reducer is installed, fill the lubricating oil to the center line of oil leveler. The oil level shall be confirmed on condition that the lubricating oil is evenly distributed in the oil tank, regularly checked and, in no event, below the oil leveler. The medium-load industrial gear oil L-CKC220 or L-CKC320 is recommended. The oil shall be changed after 300~600h for the first time and every 3000h after that. The lubricating oil shall be discharged and replaced only when the reducer is stopped and the oil has not cooled yet. The tank shall be flushed with oil of identical quality. The oil of high viscosity which is not suitable for flushing may be preheated or replaced with oil of low viscosity.

4. For the reducer equipped with oil pump for forced lubrication, during the early stage of operation, the oil pump may incur insufficient oil feed and loud noise due to the high viscosity of lubricating oil, which would gradually die away along with the temperature rise of the lubricating oil. For the reducer equipped with motor oil pump, first start up and run the motor oil pump without load for a while to fully lubricate all lubricating points.


5.If the oil pump incurs loud noise during normal operation, the resistance of oil way may be high. Clean the filter cleaner and its accessories then. For any reducer, if it is started up after being idle for long time or at low tempera- ture, it shall run without load for a while to fully lubricate all the bearings.


6. lf the oil heats up quickly with a temperature rise over 70 or to over 100 , or deteriorates or any exceptional noise occurs, stop the machine to find the cause. lf it is due to binding problem of tooth flank, solve the cause and replace the lubricating oil before restart.

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