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Problems related to hydraulic pressure in the principle of hollow blow molding machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-16      Origin: Site Inquire

The hydraulic oil temperature sensor of the blow molding machine can stop when the normal temperature is too high. When the hydraulic pressure is overloaded, it will alarm and stop and display. Air pressure demand can appear normal and too high and too low. Alarm and display in high and low energy. And need to be able to use the button to control the total intake. And when any door is opened, the total intake can be blocked, and it can be restarted only after the manual reset is confirmed.


The top priority is safety, that is to say, in a closed multi-layer hollow blow molding machine, the hydraulic pump must be stopped if a door is opened arbitrarily. The hydraulic oil level requires a sensor to alarm and display when the sensor is lower than the liquid level.

Today's blow molding machines and multi-layer hollow blow molding machines usually have two hydraulic pumps, one is dedicated to servo hydraulic pressure, which is used to control the die head, mainly to control the wall thickness of the parison. The second is for the hydraulic system of the blow molding machine. Such as mold shifting. Molding, etc. Because you know that there are various solenoid valves in hydraulics. Hydraulic cylinders and various connecting structures form a system. Extremely cumbersome. Because the production and demand of each blow molding machine are different, and its production process will also be different, so its operating procedures and requirements will also be different.


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