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Plastic blow molding processing manufacturers custom specific process

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Plastic blow molding processing manufacturers custom specific process

Today, the hollow blow molding factory is here for you to briefly comb the basic process of plastic products customized, and the quotation form of related products. In fact, plastic products customized service is a very simple process, may not be too detailed, we can understand how the customized service is the same thing.

1. Product design and customized plastic mold

Anyone who has read "The relationship between injection molding process and plastic mold" knows that plastic product customization is the process of plastic product manufacturers customizing and processing unique products for customers. The reason why it is called unique products is that different industries have different customer needs, and every customer may have unique product ideas. Most of them have seen such products in other parts of China or abroad, and they need to copy or add their own design elements for innovation. At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with plastic products manufacturers, so that manufacturers for their own needs to redesign the product structure and engineering drawings to be customized.

In fact, there are a lot of blow molding processing manufacturers can independently design and develop some products, but most blow molding processing manufacturers can research and development of product types is very limited, they tend to only focus on plastic processing industry in a branch industry, can not do a great extent to meet the needs of customers. And some manufacturers are relatively weak technical strength, its business is limited to the production of several products, design and research and development capacity is limited. These two blow molding processing manufacturers are customers must not choose to cooperate with the object, they can not be a good master of the relevant technology, let alone to solve the problem of plastic products processing for customers.

extrusion blow molding machine factory

Blow molding factory

The design and manufacturing ability of plastic mold is one of the indexes that comprehensively test the core competitiveness of a plastic processing enterprise. Shanghai blow molding manufacturers because the plastic mold design contains all the core technology of plastic processing, enterprises must master enough mature technology, in order to assess the needs of customers from all aspects, to provide customers with high feasibility, cost-effective plastic processing program.

In addition, a perfect plastic mold is an important factor for enterprises to produce high-quality products. If the plastic mold is not done well at the beginning, it is very troublesome to modify the plastic mold later, and the products produced by the modified mold are not likely to have good quality. So the design of plastic products and the manufacturing of plastic mold these two links can be used to measure the technical strength of a plastic product manufacturer, they can not only use technology to solve the processing problems of plastic products, but also use easy to understand language to explain to customers what technology they use to solve what problems for you. In this way, the customer's doubts are removed, the problem is solved, and the success of this order is not far away.


2. Product design and mold customized quotation

Plastic product design includes product design and product packaging design. Generally speaking, the design work of plastic products is given by the manufacturer for free. First, we will attract customers with unique technical concepts and cost-effective solutions, so that they know that we can solve all your problems for you, and then carry out the rest of the business communication.

Some people may say that the cost of product design has been added to the subsequent quotation of the manufacturer. In fact, for a plastic processing manufacturer with comprehensive technology, the design work is relatively easy. The cost of the design work of plastic products is far less than that of plastic moulds. Moreover, the design work is only the preparation for the manufacturing of plastic moulds. Therefore, the customer does not have to worry that the manufacturer will pay more for product design.

The quotation of plastic moulds is not understandable by many customers. When we quote, we generally need to understand the customer's product specifications, material, order quantity and so on in detail to determine the approximate price of plastic moulds. Why isn't the price detailed here? Because the mold of a plastic product must be strictly based on the technical difficulty of the product and the quantity ordered. The structure of plastic products determines the difficulty of plastic mold process, and the customer's order quantity determines the cavity number of plastic mold. Among them, the number of plastic mold cavities is determined according to the demand of customers and the production efficiency of production equipment. The manufacturer has only one goal, that is to complete this batch of work given by customers at a faster speed. So they have to go through careful consideration, strict calculation to be able to give customers an accurate quotation.

The manufacturing cost of plastic moulds is usually relatively high, but you do not have to worry too much about it, because you can communicate with the manufacturer and ask the manufacturer to return the cost of moulds when the quantity of products ordered reaches a certain amount. If you order a large enough quantity, manufacturers are usually happy to comply with your request, as for the amount set by the manufacturer is different from each enterprise.

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