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Plastic Milk Bottle Production Line

Views: 5     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 2021-04-01      Origin: Huan Machinery

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Plastic Milk Bottle Production Line

Plastic Milk Bottle Production Line

Why to use plastic milk bottle?

The material of plastic milk bottle is HDPE. This one is strong and light weight, this feature is good for carrying. For example if you carry one gallon milk in a glass jug, it would be quite heavy and if dropped, it would break, this is dangerous. But if plastic milk bottle, this isn’t going to happen.

 milk bottle

Making milk bottles

How to turn the plastic into milk bottles?

pe milk bottle                  

Using extrusion blow molding machine for reaching this goal.

Firstly, load plastic particles into the hopper, then turn the material into melted state through the screw and heater. The melted material enters into the head, then plastic pipe comes out the head into the mold. Air blows into the mold, then bottle molded.

Could click this video link to watch the specific action.

Now production capacity of milk bottle making machine is from 250pcs to 2400pcs, for producing 100ml to 4Liter bottles.

milk bottle machine 

Another machines needed?


Auto-loader, mixer, chiller, compressor, crusher, leak tester... milk filling machine, cap machine...

extrusion blow molding machine

Material chosen

Recommend to use the food-grade plastic HDPE, it is safe for storing foods. Avoid to use the recycle one.










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