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PET blowing machine in China

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PET blowing machine in China

pet bottles

pet blowing process

We usually see a lot of drink bottles, water bottles, cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, food cans, many are produced by the PET stretch blowing molding machine. The working process of the bottle blowing molding machine is to send the bottle preform to the transmission chain, the chain takes the bottle preform through the heating box, and then transfer to the blowing part, and the bottle is formed in the mold.

pet blowing

It is characterized by high speed and high yield. Because water bottles are in great output demand, the pet stretch blowing molding machine can easily produce thousands, or even tens of thousands, of bottles per hour. They are very suitable for bottles that are in high output demand.

The future development trend has changed from simple, convenient, stable and fully automatic to high output and low energy consumption.

At present, our machines have made great breakthroughs in reducing energy consumption, saving about 40 percent of the electricity during the production process. The variable distance design is used to design a distance transformation between the heating box and the blowing system. During heating, the distance between the bottle preform is more compact and the space occupied by the bottle embryo heating is saved. When the heating is finished, the chain will automatically change the distance so that the bottle preform is easy to form.

The design of the bottle blowing machine can also be directly connected with the filling machine to save the steps of washing bottles. In the filling system, there are three steps: bottle washing, filling and capping. But because it is directly from the bottle blowing machine, so there is no need to wash the bottle steps, save the cost of the filling machine.

pet bottle producing

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