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Our extrusion blow molding machine for IBC tank (drum)

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Our extrusion blow molding machine for IBC tank (drum)


IBC ton barrel refers to IBC medium-sized bulk container, which is an essential tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. The container is composed of an inner container and a metal frame, and is blow-molded with high molecular weight and high density polyethylene, which has high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygiene.

IBC tank two layers for ibc tank

multilayer ibc tank

Our large hollow blow molding machine can blow the above-mentioned IBC barrels. Our IBC barrel blow molding machine has the following characteristics:

1. The machine structure is stable and reliable, the middle template wears a tie rod, and the overall machining accuracy of the frame is high;

2. Modular design of the machine, easy disassembly and assembly, on-site installation is completed in 1 day;

3. The wall thickness is evenly distributed and the 8 corners are fixed;

ibc tank wall thickness

4. The special polymer screw slang is uniform without temperature rise;

5. The hydraulic system is stable and reliable, the action is stable, and the injection is about 10 seconds;

6. IBC special design die head, color change block, low energy consumption, an average of 8 kilowatt-hours of electricity per barrel;

7. The die eccentric machining center can be repaired at one time, no need to use screws. The product has 8 corners with high strength, uniform wall thickness, and the lightest can reach 13kg;

8. Screw cooling and hydraulic cooling, equipped with a separate automatic circulating cooling system, with good cooling effect;

9. The manipulator and downward blowing adopt proportional valve control, which is accurate and stable;

10. The overall appearance is beautiful and generous, and the quality of imported equipment enhances the corporate image


 machine shipment

At present, our IBC barrel blow molding machine has been exported to many countries in the world, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and many provinces in China, such as Shandong and Zhejiang.


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