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Only the following 8 points are required for the inspection work before starting the large extrusion blow molding machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-12      Origin: Site Inquire

With the widespread use of plastic products in life, extrusion blow molding machines also have more models and uses. With the development of hollow blow molding machines, it is particularly important to check the work before using blow molding.

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1. Before running the blow molding machine, you must read the instructions carefully! Understand the operating principle of the blow molding machine, understand the role of various parts and auxiliary machines, and if there is a problem, you can quickly find the cause.

2. Preheat the hydraulic oil and turn on the heater when the oil temperature is found to be low. Generally, large blow molding machines have it.

3. Check whether the oil level of the hollow blow molding oil tank is required, and the parts that need to be lubricated should be lubricated well.

4. Check whether there is water seepage at the pipe connection.

5. Since the blow molding machine uses wind to blow the parison, it is necessary to check whether the heating temperature and the wind force are appropriate before the blow molding machine is started.

6. When selecting a mold, check whether the mold has wear resistance, toughness, and whether the process requirements are met. Most of the molds have poor working conditions, bear a large impact force, are easy to break, and require the mold to have high toughness. Therefore, the mold problem is very important in the inspection work before the start of the large hollow blow molding machine. When installing the mold , Be sure to do a good job of cleaning the mold surface and the contact surface of the blow molding machine template. Be careful when choosing a mold, because the quality of the mold directly affects the quality of the product.

7. The cooling water should be fully turned on to avoid frictional heat generation during long-term operation of the machine. The purpose is to increase the heat dissipation of the barrel. The temperature rise occurs during the operation of the blow molding machine, and the power supply cannot be stopped.

8. Before starting the blow molding machine, check the ground connection to zero to prevent electric shock.

The above eight points are the more important 8 points for the inspection work before the start of the large-scale hollow blow molding machine. The operator must be professionally trained; before the machine is running, the machine should be raised to a suitable height to avoid collision between the machine head and the template, which will cause damage to the equipment!

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Before the blow molding machine runs, the technicians of Zhangjiagang Huan Machinery Co., Ltd. will prepare the blow molding machine together with the customer and test the machine, and arrange professional technicians to install and debug the blow molding machine. For matters needing attention such as inspection work before starting the large hollow blow molding machine, you can refer to the above 8 points or the manual for simple operations. Today's content is shared here! If you have various questions about blow molding machines, you can search Zhangjiagang Huan Machinery Co., Ltd., communicate with technicians, and answer your questions!

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