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Material problem analysis of vacuum suction machine

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Material problem analysis of vacuum suction machine

Vacuum suction machine is the use of negative pressure principle, the material from the suction mouth into the silo, and then through the silo on/off valve control material discharge time, the whole work closed, can be controlled by intelligent computer, in line with the environmental protection production requirements at the same time greatly reduce the manual input, improve the production efficiency.


Why and how to deal with the blockage of vacuum feeding machine?


Why the feeding machine sometimes appear blocking material, feeding speed will be slow.Many users who contact the feeding machine will have such problems.If the conveying capacity of vacuum feeding machine is played to the limit, how to solve the problem of frequent blockage of materials.

There are two key points to pay attention to: 1. Whether the loading and unloading parameters are reasonable 2


I the loading and unloading time parameters are unreasonable

The vacuum feeding machine cannot be loaded in the bin, so the industry basically has time control.So how to set the time parameters each time using the feeder


In fact, up and down the material time setting is very simple, in the first use, first set a small parameter, and then slowly add according to each suction position, when the material level reaches the suction port time minus one second is a reasonable time, the feeding time is to ensure that put the material and then add one second.This has two advantages

1. The material level is too high to the filter element is particularly harmful, so that the filter element that can be used for two years can only be used for half a year, which will increase the cost in the production

2. Each time the material can be put clean, the feeding valve will not be closed when the material is closed, with material to close the valve five or six times a minute to switch this frequent work of the sealing ring damage is particularly large


II  whether the feeding port is reasonable

Many of our projects use manual gun suction, operation in order to facilitate the direct insertion of the gun into the material barrel or ton bag, the gun suction mouth is tight material compression, strong negative pressure will be full of material away, this is very harmful to the feeding machine, and easy to block the pipeline


The correct way is that the material in the suction port and the air to form a certain ratio of gas-matter mixing, in the air flow into the uniform feed machine.At this time, we need to design the gun with replenishing qigong energy.If the material backlog time is too long may be very hard, this time it is necessary to install an oscillator in the material gun, knock the material caked.

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