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Maintenance of temperature controller for large blow molding machine

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The temperature controller of large blow molding machine is a part of the energy storage heating system of die head. Today, we mainly look at the maintenance of temperature controller of large blow molding machine.


In recent years, some changes have taken place in the heating system of large blow molding machines. PLC temperature module is used instead of temperature controller, and solid state relay is used instead of contactor. However, there is little change in heating equipment. The update and improvement of this technology facilitates the integration of electronic control systems and reduces the connection between electronic control systems and components. Adopt advanced electric control technology, completely adopt integrated temperature electric control system to replace the existing temperature control system.

Maintenance of temperature controller for large blow molding machine

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Special attention: use downtime to clean and keep the instrument clean.

1) Ensure that the temperature controller wiring is firm, to prevent wiring and connecting points from affecting normal work.

2) Check whether the temperature sensor is securely connected.

3) In hot weather conditions, pay attention to ensure that the ambient temperature of the temperature controller is within the normal operating temperature range. When the ambient temperature is too high, effective cooling measures should be taken.

4) Under humid conditions, if the equipment is in a stopped state, the temperature instrument should be regularly supplied with power to prevent the failure of the instrument due to dampness. After a long shutdown, carefully check and power up for 4-6 hours, and then start operation.

5) Replace the out-of-service temperature controller and temperature sensor in time. Check whether the model and voltage of the temperature controller are consistent with the temperature control range, and whether the cable connection is correct.


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