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Maintenance method of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

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Maintenance method of plastic extrusion blow molding machine

Maintenance method of plastic hollow blow molding machine

1. Maintain the main components of the blow molding machine. It mainly includes a series of environmental protection components such as moisture-proof and anti-corrosion of electronic control components, convenient switching between lines, stable protection, stable operation of circuit working voltage and current, and compliance with regulations. Partial lubrication of components, maintenance of screws between load sharing and tightening screw columns; hydraulic system stability, component renewal, operating and storage temperatures, and dust removal maintenance.

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2. Maintain other related components. Mainly it is the wiring and cleanliness maintenance of the heating film around the material pipe; the working environment temperature and oil pressure of the cooler, and the cleaning problem in waiting for the industry.

3. Use and operate the base. Operators should direct cooling to the inlet of the equipment to prevent accidental damage to heaters, electrical heating wires and material resources.

In addition to the above items for heat fixing and cleaning of the circuit, the following routine maintenance is required during the use of the blow molding machine: temperature system inspection, engine system normal operation inspection, cylinder pressure inspection, raw material purity inspection, power failure prevention Check for safety hazards such as electrical leakage.

For the maintenance and troubleshooting of blow molding machines, it is necessary to carry out more routine inspections and maintenance to prevent emergencies from being able to remove the source in time and make the right choice; when a fault occurs, press the emergency stop and cut off the power supply, And stop running; report, do a traceback. In addition, it is necessary to have or be able to find professionals to inspect, maintain, operate and repair equipment in a timely manner, so that root causes can be found quickly and efficiently, emergency situations can be dealt with, repairs can be resumed quickly, and overall efficiency can be improved.

The maintenance and maintenance method of the above hollow blow molding machine. If you still want to know more about hollow blow molding machine, please feel free to contact me HUAN MACHINERY.

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