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Is there any noise in the blow molding product of the blow molding machine? How to solve?

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Is there any noise in the blow molding product of the blow molding machine? How to solve?

The operation process of the blow molding machine is to preheat and heat up first, set the temperature value on the temperature control instrument according to the process requirements, start the heating system to heat up, and check whether the current indication value of each section of the heater is normal. After reaching the processing temperature, Start feed production. Whether it is driving the tractor, or after the cutting machine is powered on, there will be a certain noise.

extrusion blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine manufacturer

The clamping conveying device of the tractor runs slowly, the heating device is heated according to the process requirements, and the heating temperature is adjusted according to the program. After the temperature reaches the technological requirements, the prefabricated tube blank is sent to the heating device with a special clamping mechanism. After the tube blank is heated to the desired temperature, the mandrel is placed from one end. The mandrel is provided with air inlet holes and can move axially. Welded tube bottom. The upper module of the heating device is pressed down, so that the bottom of the tube blank is welded to form the bottom of the bottle. The mandrel sticks out upwards, stretches the entire tube blank axially, and injects compressed air at the same time to radially inflate the tube blank, thereby realizing bidirectional stretching orientation.

Then, a cooling medium is introduced into the blow mold, so that the biaxially stretched product is rapidly transported, cooled and shaped to obtain a plastic hollow product of the desired shape. In this series of production processes, some noises are often inevitably generated, affecting the life and rest of the surrounding people. This requires us to formulate safe operating procedures for extrusion blow molding machines to avoid or reduce noise as much as possible.

Blow molding machine die head

Die head for extrusion blow molding machine

At present, the general workshops use lightweight bricks, that is, hollow bricks, as the outer walls. These materials have poor sealing properties. During production, the noise emitted by the machine when the machine vibrates randomly will hinder people from normal rest, study and work. If it is in a residential area, it will have a great impact. You can also make a light steel layer on the wall next to the road, add a paper-faced gypsum board filled with sound insulation cotton, and then use ordinary wall paint to treat the surface.

There are three solutions to reduce noise during product blow molding operations

1. First, reduce the noise from the sound source, that is, the windows of the workshop should be tightly sealed. Whether you are a single-layer window or a double-layer window, the sealing is the main thing. It is also a simpler way to consume part of the sound energy by using thick curtains, but of course it is not a very effective way

2. Another is to reduce the noise during the sound transmission process. Double-layer curtains can be installed on the windows of the workshop, and thicker and thicker floor-to-ceiling curtains can be used. When starting production, closing the windows and pulling the double-layer thick curtains can effectively reduce noise and absorb part of the noise.

3. Attenuate noise at the human ear. Workers who are operating can wear earplugs to reduce the impact of noise on themselves.

The above content is the method to solve the noise of the blow molding machine, I hope it will be useful to you.

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