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Introduction of automatic control system for large blow molding machine equipment

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Modern life has brought more efficient production. Today's large blow molding machines are equipped with automatic control systems, and large blow molding machines are equipped with automatic control systems.

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With the continuous expansion of the influence of low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and other concepts, intelligence, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection have become the characteristics of the development of contemporary large-scale blow molding equipment. Compared with traditional large-scale blow molding machines, its driving device Some differences, the traditional hollow molding machine controller can not be fully applicable. Therefore, most manufacturers develop their own controllers and servo control laws to ensure the stability and accuracy of the control for the speed and position control of the mold base.

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The automatic control system, also known as the programmable computer controller, is a time-sharing and multi-tasking operating system. It has successfully constructed a real-time multi-application program operating platform and supports multiple programming languages including sequential function diagrams, ladder diagrams, structured texts and high-level languages. High reliability and anti-interference ability, strong adaptability, ready-made interconnection for the line crossing assembly, high-level language development, so that the automatic control system can play a good role in many industries such as textiles, plastics, machinery, and electricity.


With the advent of more high-precision sensors and the ability to communicate faster over longer distances, there are many advancements in the industrial control market, such as real-time sensing and response measures on the production line, incorrect placement sensing and corrective response, etc. . It can be achieved now, and I believe that the automatic control system of large blow molding machine equipment will be more perfect in the near future.



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