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Installation sequence of plastic blow molding equipment

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As an important production and processing equipment, plastic blow molding equipment has a strict sequence in its installation process. Let us understand what the installation sequence of plastic blow molding equipment is.


  1. According to the requirements of the plastic blow molding machine manual, dig the foundation pit; at the same time, dig out the electric wire conduit, the upper and lower water pipes and the compressed air conveying pipe trench.

220L drum mould

2.Fix the anchor hole wooden mold according to the distance of the anchor bolt hole of the plastic blow molding machine. The foot hole wooden mold should be trapezoidal or cone-shaped with a small top and a large bottom.

220L drum blow machine

3. Pave the transmission pipelines for electricity, water and gas.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacutre

4. Water the stick to condense the soil, leaving a foot hole. Cover the concrete with a straw bag and water it twice a day after 24 hours for curing. The ambient temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees.

child toy making machine (4)

5. After 7 days of cementing, remove the foot hole template, lift the blow molding machine and lay it flat according to the foot hole position; roughly find the height, level and center line position of the blow molding machine.

plastic mould

6. Put the equipment fastening bolts in the anchor holes, pass the bolts through the equipment foundation holes, and tighten the nuts. Pay attention to the thread length for adjusting the height of the equipment.


7. Use concrete to irrigate the foot hole, and the curing period should exceed 10 days.


8. Use a pair of inclined iron plates (inclination 1/20-1/10) and a steel plate as a set: the steel plate is underneath, and a pair of inclined iron plates are placed on the steel plate in opposite directions and placed on both sides of anchor bolt . Use the inclined iron plate to adjust the center height of the blow molding machine. At the same time, correct the center line of the blow molding machine screw to coincide with the center line of each equipment on the blow molding machine production line, and the height is the same.

toy mould

9. Pre-tighten the anchor bolts and pre-tighten the bolts and nuts diagonally, and the tightening force must be balanced.

Correct the level, center height and center line position of the blow molding machine equipment.

Tighten the bolt holes around the feet.

Connect water and gas pipelines and connect electrical wiring



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