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IBC Tank Types

Views: 1     Author: HUAN Machinery     Publish Time: 26-10-2022      Origin: HUAN Machinery

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IBC Tank Types

IBC tank are practical tools for storing and transporting various liquid products, and are widely used in chemical, food and medical industries. What are the different models of IBC tank?Are there any differences in the application?

What are the categories of IBC tank? What are the characteristics of IBC tank with different functions?

IBC tank

Many manufacturers produce IBC ton barrels, including standard conventional ton barrels, light-proof IBC ton barrels, and anti-static IBC ton barrels. However, the liner used in different types of IBC ton barrels are all HDPE, and there is no difference in stretch resistance, impact resistance, electrical insulation, acid, alkali and salt solution corrosion resistance.

The differences between several types of IBC tank are: the light-proof type IBC tank adopts a "three-layer design" structure (the inner layer is a clean layer, the middle layer is a light-proof layer, and the outer layer is a reflective layer), and the inner container adopts a "three-layer design" structure. High light rate; anti-static IBC tank, the anti-static valve is combined with the anti-static inner tank, the double effect is combined, and the anti-static effect is very good.

3 layers ibc tank

Which products are suitable for IBC tank with different functions?

Standard IBC tank can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food raw materials, daily chemical, petrochemical and other industries, suitable for storage and transportation of various fine chemical, medical, daily chemical, petrochemical powder substances and liquids, and can also be used The hot body is in full bloom, but the temperature of the liquid should not exceed 60 ℃.

Light-proof IBC tote containers are suitable for containing materials that are prone to coagulation, polymerization, decomposition and other chemical reactions when exposed to light, such as photosensitive drugs such as ammonia nitrate and bromine, and chemical fertilizers. Reagents such as silver halide that will accelerate oxidation or decomposition when exposed to light, some electroplating raw materials and photosensitive coatings also need to be protected from light by IBC tank. The anti-static IBC tank is suitable for containing flammable and explosive dangerous goods such as alcohol. The anti-static inner liner coating can discharge static electricity in a short time and prevent voltage accumulation.

The above is the relevant knowledge of IBC tank compiled by HUAN Machinery, welcome to add!

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