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How to use the extrusion blow molding machine more safely

Author: HUAN MACHINERY     Publish Time: 2022-09-15      Origin: HUAN MACHINERY Inquire

Matters needing attention before blow molding machine operation:

(1) Do not work when you are in poor health or feel tired and uncomfortable; you must wear protective equipment: hats, masks, work clothes, gloves, etc.

(2) Check all parts of the machine, tighten the connection nut, the power supply wiring should be correct, and the voltage should not exceed 220V.

Precautions for blow molding machine operation:

Choose to do blow molding in the evening; it can also be done when there is no high temperature in the cloudy shed. Do not work when the temperature in the shed exceeds 30°C and when there is heavy wind and rain. Repair any damage to the plastic film. The ventilation windows, exits, and greenhouse skirts should be effectively closed. Never enter the shed during blow molding. When you feel that the machine is abnormal, disconnect the power first and then check and repair. Do not touch the hot parts of the air compressor with your hands.


Precautions after blow molding

(1) After blow molding, hang a sign of "No People Inside" at the population of the greenhouse to prevent others from mistaking them. To prevent children from entering, the door can be locked.

(2) The medicine box, filter screen and nozzle must be cleaned after use. Do not let the dirty water flow into the rivers and ponds after washing, so as not to cause pollution, it must be handled safely. Be careful not to damage parts such as nozzles when cleaning.

(3) Blow molding with clean water to check the blow molding amount and the state of the blow molding machine. Check whether the safety valve is working and whether the pointer of the pressure gauge indicates that the data is correct.

(4) When blow molding with clean water, plug the nozzle outlet with your fingers to make the air flow back into the medicine box, which can effectively clean the suction pipe and the inside of the nozzle.

(5) The electrical parts cannot be washed with water.


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