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How to operate the hollow extrusion blow molding machine safely?

Views: 3     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 17-04-2021      Origin: Huan Machinery

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How to operate the hollow extrusion blow molding machine safely?

The safety operating procedures of the hollow extrusion blow molding machine


I  Precautions for start-up of hollow blow molding

1. Personnel without professional training shall not operate the blow molding machine without authorization.

2. Before the machine is turned on, open the cooling water valve to ensure that the cooling water channel is unblocked; turn on the internal power supply, start the oil pump motor; turn on the heating switch, turn on the power supply, set the temperature value and temperature control technology according to the production requirements of the product; Check the thickness of the current in the ammeter to judge the quality of the heating coil; such as a machine that has not been used for a long time, after starting the oil pump, it needs to run for a few minutes without load.

3. During the test machine process, the manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic states should be carried out in sequence to ensure that the machines in different production states can run smoothly; check whether all the components and bolts are tight; if there is an abnormality, you need to immediately Stop for inspection and maintenance, and then restart the test machine after troubleshooting.


II Precautions for the operation of hollow blow molding machine

1. The operator of the plastic extrusion blow molding machine needs to undergo certain professional operation training to avoid unnecessary damage during the operation.

2. When the blow molding machine is moving the mold, opening and closing the mold, the operator is prohibited from entering the safety door area to avoid being pinched or bumped; under normal production, do not pull the extruded blank by hand. Avoid being scalded by high temperature materials and electric heating cutters or being pinched by molds.


3. Once it occurs during operation, in case of emergency, quickly press the red emergency stop button to prevent accidents.


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