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How to maintain the accumulator die head?

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How to maintain the accumulator die head?

1. Start with the raw materials first! For raw materials, it must be clean and clean. For small stones and sand, especially metals, if they enter the storage machine head, they will get stuck and damage the pressing hydraulic cylinder and servo. Hydraulic cylinder seals, etc. Iron separators can be installed in the barrels and crushers, and the maintenance of the head of the storage-type hollow blow molding machine can be done well.


2. When feeding, also pay attention to site hygiene and maintain cleanliness.

3. During the reproduction process, the leftovers of the lower storage head should be cleaned up in time.

1-3 俯视图 4层双工位80FD 修

4. When heating the raw materials, be sure to give the machine head a certain preheating time, and heat it to the process standard to maintain a constant temperature for more than 2 hours.

4层挤出 4层双工位80FD

5. If the pressure of the storage head is too high, it may be due to factors such as raw materials or design, which lead to the high pressure of the melt with the extruder, which affects the production efficiency and the temperature of the extruder and the head rises. Therefore, when such a situation occurs, technical trimming is required, the head can be removed, and the flow channel of the head can be repaired and polished. If you do not have confidence in yourself, you can perform maintenance on a small scale each time, and gradually reach the specified requirements.


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