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How to improve the production efficiency of extrusion blow molding machines?

Author: HUAN MACHINERY     Publish Time: 2021-12-03      Origin: HUAN MACHINERY Inquire

How to improve the production efficiency of blow molding machines?

The extrusion blow molding machine industry originated in the 19th century. After many years of development, plastic products have become a part of life today. Blow molding products can be used in automobiles, office equipment, household appliances, medical and other aspects. This article will discuss in depth how to improve blow molding. The production efficiency of the plastic machine.


1. Blow molding materials

Improvements in materials are one of the very useful methods, which can further meet the functional and performance requirements of blow molded products, especially some special needs, such as the environmental protection and safety requirements of industries such as medicine and food packaging. Abundant and diverse, processing performance tends to be better, and a variety of characteristics such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance are available for selection.

开合模 4层双工位80FD

2. Mechanical equipment

Extrusion Blow molding machinery and equipment are more precise, more efficient, and intelligent. Multi-head co-extrusion, multi-layer co-extrusion, multi-point wall thickness control, and high-temperature high-strength wear-resistant screws are emerging in an endless stream, which further meets the needs of blow molding technology; blow molding machinery The equipment has been greatly improved, and the precision and efficiency of blow molding machinery and equipment blow molding machinery have been assisted in the automation of production equipment. Moreover, high-efficiency precision equipment not only refers to the high speed and high pressure of mechanical equipment in the production and molding process, but also requires the products produced to achieve high stability in terms of appearance size fluctuations and part weight fluctuations.

4层挤出 4层双工位80FD

Automated and efficient production makes the production and molding of the equipment faster, and the time stay is strictly controlled, and it is faster.


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