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How to improve the efficiency of HUAN blow molding production

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How to improve the efficiency of HUAN blow molding production

Blow molding originated in the 1830s, and it was not until 1979 that blow molding entered a stage of widespread use. The application of blow molding products involves all aspects of life such as automobiles, office equipment, household appliances, and medical care. Blow molding (blow molding for short) is a method of blowing a hot-melt parison closed in a mold to form a hollow product by means of gas pressure, and it is one of the most commonly used plastic processing methods. Hollow blow molding is further divided into injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding and stretch blow molding. This article focuses on extrusion blow molding suitable for large and complex blow molding products. In the extrusion blow molding process, the tube blank is directly extruded by the extruder and hangs in the pre-separated cavity installed directly under the machine head; when the sagging parison reaches the specified length, the mold is closed immediately, and the The incision of the die head of the equipment cuts off the tube blank; the compressed air is introduced from the blowing needle of the mold to make the parison inflate and close to the mold wall to form; the pressure is maintained, and after the product is cooled and shaped in the cavity, the mold is opened and the product is taken out.

1. Opportunities and challenges faced by the two-dimensional blow molding industry

Blow molding technology is constantly developing with the progress of various technologies such as plastic industry and machinery manufacturing. In the design and production process of blow molding products, modern design ideas and design tools are constantly integrated. Engineering and technical personnel should make full use of advanced technology. The design concept, combined with human experience, improves the efficiency of product design and manufacturing, thereby improving the quality and market competitiveness of blow-molded products. With the changes in market demand, the blow molding industry has ushered in greater development opportunities in terms of raw materials, machinery and equipment, and auxiliary production.

1.1 Raw materials

In order to further meet the function and performance requirements of blow molding products, especially some special needs, such as the environmental protection and safety requirements of pharmaceutical, food packaging and other industries, the raw materials of blow molding grade are more abundant and diverse, and the processing performance tends to be better. Corrosion resistance, UV resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics are available; on the other hand, the development of materials with lower cost, easy processing, low density, recyclability and other characteristics has brought a wider application market for blow molding.

1.2 Mechanical equipment

Blow molding machinery and equipment are more precise, efficient and intelligent, and technologies such as multi-head co-extrusion, multi-layer co-extrusion, multi-point wall thickness control, and high-temperature, high-strength and wear-resistant screws are emerging one after another, which further meets the needs of blow molding processes; blow molding machinery The equipment has been greatly improved, the blow molding machinery and equipment blow molding machinery has been refined and efficient, and the auxiliary production (operation) equipment has been automated. "Precision and high efficiency" not only means that the mechanical equipment has high speed and high pressure during the production and molding process, but also requires the produced products to achieve high stability in terms of appearance size fluctuations and piece weight fluctuations, that is, It is said that the size and shape of each part of the product have high precision, small deformation and shrinkage, the appearance and internal quality of the product and production efficiency and other indicators should reach a high level, and the newer achievements include the following aspects.

(1) Re-blow molding with improved infrared heating technology.

(2) Very high-speed rotary extrusion pressure, mainly used in the production of milk bottles.

(3) The mold is attached to the shuttle press to compensate for the jet phenomenon.

(4) Multi-layer continuous extrusion blow molding impermeable container.

(5) Through strict control of orientation crystallization and thermal crystallization, preform and mold temperature, blowing pressure, and the residence time of the parison in the mold cavity, the production of continuous heat-setting PET bottles is carried out.

(6) The storage cylinder head is improved, so that it can extrude heat-sensitive plastics such as ABS-R, modified PPD and PVC. Moreover, the redesigned machine head can be quickly assembled and disassembled in production to facilitate the cleaning of plastics. At the same time, the analysis of rheological properties of plastics and computer flow channel analysis can design streamlined flow channels to facilitate the molding of heat-sensitive plastics.

1.3 Auxiliary production

Automatic clamping, automatic raw material drying and proportioning equipment, automatic de-flashing, cutting, weighing, drilling, leak detection, etc., have gradually become mature, localized, and low-cost.

Product packaging containers and industrial products will have great growth, and injection blow molding and multi-layer blow molding will have rapid development.

At the same time, under the new situation, the traditional industry of blow molding is also facing great challenges, as follows.

(1) Plastic processing technology is more intelligent and diversified: 3D printing technology has replaced part of the injection molding and blow molding processing markets, and advanced welding technology (infrared, hot air, etc.) helps injection molding to complete structures that could not be completed before, replacing some blow molding structures design.

(2) Energy saving and emission reduction: The blow molding industry itself is a high energy consumption, the utilization rate of the blank is low, the processing and recycling energy consumption is large, and the heat loss is serious.

(3) Cost reduction: Now the labor cost in the industrial market is getting higher and higher, the automation of blow molding products is relatively difficult, and it is difficult to recruit and retain people. How to reduce costs and increase efficiency is imminent in the increasingly competitive market environment. .

2. New ideas for improving the production efficiency of two-dimensional blow molding and how to effectively improve the competitiveness of blow molding. At present, the market mainly has the following aspects:

(1) Three-dimensional blow molding replaces two-dimensional blow molding, mainly to reduce the proportion of product flash blanks, reduce the energy consumption of plastic recycling and repeated heating, and at the same time increase the blasting strength of the product, and the local control is more accurate; the current mainstream Kautex, ST etc. have been widely introduced into the Chinese market.

(2) Multi-station co-extrusion: one die, two dies, the die can be moved, and the blank is continuously extruded through the die to increase production efficiency. Generally, small products and dies are suitable for use.

(3) Multi-die co-extrusion: multiple dies, multiple dies, extrusion production at the same time, greatly improving production efficiency, the efficiency can be doubled, some better domestic blow molding equipment companies have mature models in sale.

The existing market is mainly developing in the above three directions. This article will look at another perspective, starting from the refinement of the traditional two-dimensional blow molding production process, and find new ideas and methods on the basis of the traditional industry, that is, one mold with multiple cavities. .

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