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How to improve quality of blow molding product

Views: 52     Author: Huan Machinery     Publish Time: 10-06-2021      Origin: Huan Machinery

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How to improve quality of blow molding product

How to improve quality of HDPE plastic hollow product from blow molding machine? Blow molding machines are so important to industrial production as everyone knows, lot of plastic bottles are made by blow molding, and the most normal type is extrusion blow molding machine. During production inevitably the products have some defects, here we talk about those solutions to improve quality of extrusion blow products.

I. Inflate pressure 

The Inflate pressure can make the semi molten preform inflating and be close to the cavity wall to form the right shape, also can make the blown product cool. Generally, over big or over small inflation pressure is not good to production, appropriate pressure shall make pattern clearer.


II. Blowing speed
In order to shorten the blowing time and obtain blow molded product quickly, large amount of air should be injected within very short time, to make sure the cavity even, inflating quickly, and then shorten the cooling time in cavity.

toy mould 

III. Mold temperature

Mold temperature has comparatively important influence on product. Normally temperature should be cooled evenly, mold temperature has relation to type of product, thickness and size of product. To different type of plastic, if mold temperature is too high, then cooling period has to be longer, output capacity has to be decreased. At this moment the product after leaving mold shall be deformed, shrinking rate increases and surface glossiness is poor. Normally that mold temperature should be higher to those HDPE bottle machine especially HMWHDPE material; On the other hand, mold temperature should be little lower to LDPE plastic material.


Of course, there are some other solutions to those multi layer blow molding machine, such as 1L PE bottle, 2L PE bottle, 3L PE bottle, 4L PE bottle, 5L PE bottle, jerry can blow molding machine, even recycled HDPE blow molding machine. Shall introduce more in next file.

Extrusion blow molding machine with leak test 

Hopefully above information regarding improving quality of blow molding bottle can be useful to all. Thank you. 

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