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How to clean the extruder screw!

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-03-02      Origin: Site

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How to clean the extruder screw! The extruder is one of the commonly used machinery in the plastics industry. In order to keep the plastic extruder in the best working condition at all times and ensure high-efficiency production operation, regular maintenance and cleaning work is required. Yes, this article is about maintenance and cleaning. , Let’s learn about the cleaning methods of the extruder screw with the editor.

1. Resin cleaning method

Polyester resin or epoxy resin is used to clean the machine, which is generally used in the cleaning of new equipment or after the extruder has been used for a period of time. Due to the residual glue on the screw or screw barrel, the extrusion speed of the material becomes slower, and the This method can be used when the color difference of the color-changing varieties is large.

2. Disassembly and cleaning

1. Manually add the washing machine material from the feeding port until the color of the extruded strip is the same as that of the washing machine material pellets, stop feeding, empty the material, and stop the screw rotation of the twin-screw extruder;

2. Open the die head of the screw extruder and start cleaning;

3. Rotate the screw of the twin-screw extruder and take out the orifice plate, discharge the residual washing material in the barrel, and clean the orifice plate;

4. Stop and pull out the screw to observe whether it is cleaned, and manually remove the residual material on the screw. Reinstall the screw; add new material to flush the residual washing material in the barrel, and stop the rotation of the screw;

5. Install the orifice plate and die head of the twin-screw extruder to complete the cleaning operation of the twin-screw extruder.

Three, fire roasting method

Using fire or fire to remove the plastic fixed on the screw is the most common and most effective method for plastic processing units. Immediately after the screw is used, a blowtorch is used to clean it. Since the screw has heat in the processing experience at this time, the heat distribution of the screw is still uniform.

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