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How to choose the right extrusion hollow blow molding machine?

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How to choose the right extrusion hollow blow molding machine?

extrusion blow molding machine manufacutre

Now more and more investors choose hollow blow molding machine equipment. Hollow blow molding is to extrude from the extruder, the softened tubular thermoplastic plastic blank is put into the forming mold, and then compressed air is injected, and the air pressure is used to deform the blank along the mold cavity, thereby blowing A hollow product with a short neck and mouth is made. Hollow blow molding has been widely used to produce various thin-shell hollow products, chemical and daily packaging containers, and children's toys. Hollow blow molding (also known as blow molding) is a method of inflating a hot-melt embryo closed in a mold to form a hollow product by means of gas pressure. It is the third most commonly used plastic processing method and is also developing rapidly. A method of plastic molding.

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Hollow blow molding machine equipment began to develop in the 1830s. It started relatively late compared to injection molding machines. However, blow molding equipment has low investment cost, higher output value of products, and much higher profit than injection molding machine products. Because of these characteristics, more and more products are being molded by blow molding technology, and the blow molding industry is showing an upward trend in the future. However, based on years of industry experience, some investors have not been fully satisfied after purchasing blow molding machines. The load is running, stop and stop. The author has been in the blow molding equipment industry for more than 30 years. Now I will talk about how investors care about choosing a suitable and profitable blow molding equipment:


First of all, as an investor, of course, you need the largest input-output ratio, so it is particularly important to choose a stable and reliable equipment.


1. -From the perspective of the rack part, there is a big difference. Some manufacturers' racks will temper to reduce the stress and increase the service life of the equipment. In order to save cost and time, some do not do the tempering treatment. The new ones cannot be discovered. After a long time, the intensive reading will be poor. When the equipment is updated in the future, when the second mobile phone is sold, the price will not be sold.



2 -The current mainstream hydraulic technology is servo motor + gear pump + independent wall thickness hydraulic system. This configuration is for energy saving and more importantly for safety. The frequency conversion motor + vane pump + accumulator method used more than ten years ago is pseudo energy-saving, and has poor safety, and there is a safety risk of injury to the template (mainly when the template is stationary, the variable frequency motor is still working, in case there is interference , The template is easy to close automatically and hurt people). In addition, the vane pump has high working oil temperature. And not equipped with independent wall thickness oil source will cause serious uneven wall thickness.

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3 -From the point of view of wall thickness control system, the mainstream is Moog controller and GEFRAN, B&R and some domestic controllers. Moog is the first to enter the market and has a large number of installed users in the country. It needs to cooperate with plc to form a complete control system. While GEFRAN and B&R are mainly high-end users in Europe, the entire system is integrated, fast, but costly. There are many domestic controller specifications, so I won't discuss it in depth here.

Moog vavle

4 -From the perspective of the opening and closing mold structure, there are currently two categories. A kind of tie rod passes through the sliding sleeve of the middle template, the structure is stable, and the mainstream way. The second type tie rod is not worn in the middle template, and is only positioned by the foot slider, purely for cost-saving considerations, and has no advantage.


5 -The plasticizing amount of the screw directly affects the output of the equipment. Taking the 90 screw as an example, the industry standard output is 120-130 kg/hour, but the current industry is doing relatively well, which can reach 160-170 kg/hour.


6 -The accumulator die head is roughly divided into 5 liters, 6.6 liters, 12 liters, 20 liters, 30 liters, 40 liters, 60 liters, 80 liters and other specifications according to the volume. Investors need to choose according to the actual situation of their own products. If the product is smaller, the energy consumption will increase. To choose the right one, the bigger the better.


7 -The brand of equipment accessories is related to the overall stability. It is the same as cooking. Good ingredients can make good dishes. Blow molding equipment does not require all top brands, so the cost will increase exponentially. Just use a relatively stable brand in the industry.


As 7 recommendation is from the investor point of view, of course, belongs to personal opinion. If you have better suggestions, welcome to discuss together!


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