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How to choose the extrusion blow molding machine?

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How to choose the extrusion blow molding machine?

First of all, a blow molding machine is a machine used to process various plastic particles into plastic products.

The plastic particles are fused and plasticized and squeezed into the die head to extrude the material embryo, and the material embryo is blown to a certain shape of the mold cavity, so as to make products. This kind of plastic processing equipment is called plastic extrusion blow molding hollow molding machine, namely blow molding machine, also known as hollow extrusion blow molding machine, automatic blow molding machine.

1000L extrusion blow molding machine

Along with the rapid development of each industry and the continuous progress of science and technology, many traditional products are in the transformation and upgrading of the production process, the pursuit of high speed and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, light weight, thus blowing machine in the market application is quite wide, considerable prospects:

1. Pharmaceutical industry: drug plastic bottle packaging, vaccine boxes, ice sheets, medical bed boards, medical bedside tables, etc.

2. Traffic facilities: road cone, warning column, anti-dazzle board, water horse, enclosure, anti-collision bucket, telegraph pole anti-collision bucket, etc.;

3. Auto parts: automobile protective cover, truck air duct, hydraulic oil tank, diesel tank, matching pot, etc.

4. Aquaculture industry: environmental protection floating island, aquaculture floating ball, aquaculture cage, baffle board, etc.;

5. Chemical industry: oil bottle, plastic bucket, stacking bucket, double ring bucket, ton bucket, etc.;

6 others: laundry liquid bucket, machine oil can, daily chemical packaging, children's toys, solar photovoltaic floating body, dry toilet transformation septic tank and so on, all walks of life can be seen the application of automatic blowing machine.

extrusion blow molding machine manufacture

Automatic blowing machine can not only effectively improve the working efficiency and time, but also save manual operation time, greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. How to choose the plastic extrusion blow molding Hollow molding machine you need? We can start from the following aspects:

1. According to the size, weight, product and output requirements of the required products, HUAN MACHINERY is available from 0.1L-1000L to more than ten series of automatic blow molding machines, with single and double station, multi-die head, multi-layer compound and other multi-configuration.

2, the choice of hollow blow molding machine equipment stability is also very important, blow molding machine needs 24 hours of continuous operation, equipment for a long time, if the stability is not good, the normal production of enterprises has a great impact.

3. The service of blowing machine manufacturers is also very important. When choosing and buying, we should not blindly covet low prices, but comprehensively investigate the strength of manufacturers.

If you need to buy a blow molding machine, please feel free to contact us to provide you with a full range of blow molding machine quotations.


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