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How to choose blow molding machine ?

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How to choose blow molding machine ?

Blowing machine is a kind of bottle blowing device, which makes the plastic crystallization bottle billet completely clean plastic bottles. With the continuous development of the beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, there have been explosive growth and bottle blowing machine has developed rapidly in recent years. Conventional semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has been gradually unable to meet the needs of enterprises.

MEPER Machine (2)

Automatic bottle blowers have become the darling of the new age. Automatic bottle blowing machine can not only effectively improve work efficiency and time, but also save manual operation time, greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. But in our country

Full automatic bottle blowing machine technology development is not mature, full automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers technical ability is uneven. How to choose a fully automatic bottle blowing machine? A lot of experience

HUAN Blow Molding Machine to share with you how to choose a full automatic blow machine.

MEPER Machine (6)

1, output: according to their own production output requirements, choose one out of two, one out of four parameters of the machine, according to the factory parameters to buy. At present, the output of two automatic bottle blowing machines produced by the manufacturers with better technology on the market is about 2500 sets, and the output of automatic bottle blowing machines is about 4500 sets.

The output of automatic bottle blowing machine is about 1,200, and the output of automatic bottle blowing machine is about 12,000. The above production is the actual production, not the false theoretical production.

2, stability: the stability of equipment is crucial. Bottle blowers now work long hours, usually no less than 10 hours. The equipment runs unstable for a long time, affecting the normal production of enterprises.

3. Hot filling or not: for hot filling drinks, bottle blowing machine needs heat-resistant bottle blowing machine. This machine has special treatment for bottles to prevent deformation in the filling process.

4. Price: Price is very important, but I firmly believe that one, one price, one commodity.

5. After-sales service: when the machine is in operation, there will inevitably be some situations. The after-sales service is thoughtful and the subsequent parts are updated strongly.