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How much does a blow molding machine cost?

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How much does a blow molding machine cost?

How much does a blow molding machine cost? This question must be the curiosity of many companies with purchase intentions. How much does a blow molding machine cost? Let's find out together today.

The detailed price of blow molding machine is difficult to tell, because there are dozens of blow molding machine products, and the price of different machines is different, so several factors that affect the price of blow molding machines. Everyone buys blow molding machines.


1. Blow molding products

First of all, it depends on what product you make and what kind of production process advantages you need. There are great differences in the molds and processes required to produce products at different prices of blow molding machines.

2. Manufacturers

Another important factor is of course the manufacturer. The price of the product by the manufacturer comes from a variety of comprehensive factors such as technicians and raw material prices. The difference in energy prices in different regions and the geographical advantage all cause a large price difference between manufacturers. This is inevitable problem.

120L设备1-2 60L广口桶生产

In general, before choosing a blow molding machine, we need to analyze our own products, and the products we need to do in the future, to choose a blow molding machine that suits us, such as analyzing the weight, size and requirements of the product, and also The material of the processed product, the weight of the processed product determine the size of the equipment, and whether to use a multi-die head or a dual-station multi-die head are some of the issues we need to consider before choosing a blow molding machine.

If the product has more than four or five hundred grams, it may be necessary to choose a fixed mold opening and closing equipment of 75 or more. For small machines, it is necessary to consider the size of the mold opening and closing, the stability of the mold transfer, and the stability of the blowing needle position. If these will change frequently, it will affect the quality and efficiency of the product. Some customers spend very cheap equipment to buy back the equipment. When it comes to decoration, the reason is that it is very unstable. It needs people to watch and adjust constantly, which is time-consuming and laborious. The small machine depends on the configuration and material.

HUAN Machinery has more than 10 years of rich experience in the hollow blow molding machine industry, which guarantees the stability of the machine.

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