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How are plastic products made?

Views: 2     Author: HUAN MACHINERY     Publish Time: 2022-01-18      Origin: Site

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How are plastic products made?


How are plastic products made? Plastic products are indispensable supplies in modern people's daily life, and they are also common packaging products. How are they produced?


I  Production materials

There are many common production materials for plastic products, such as pet, pvc, pp, pc and other raw materials.

1. Pet is a common water bottle material. Our common carbonated beverage water bottles and mineral water bottles are all composed of pet. The heat-resistant temperature of this material is only 70 °C, and it will deform at high temperature.

2. The pvc material is rarely used in the production of food products, and is generally used in the production of sheet metal pipes and other products.


3. pp is made of high temperature resistant material, which can be reused after cleaning. The microwave meals commonly used in life are made of PP, which can be heated at a high temperature of 130 °C.

4. PC This material is the most widely used one. The ingredients such as milk bottles, space cups, medical equipment, bicycle parts, and building boards are all made of PC materials.

II The production equipment of plastic products

The production equipment of plastic products is called hollow extrusion blow molding machine, which is one of the common industrial equipment. The hollow blow molding machine is divided into three different production methods: blow molding machine, injection molding machine and extrusion equipment. The three kinds of machines deal with different products. Most plastic products on the market are produced this way.

120L设备1-2 60L广口桶生产

Taking a blow molding machine as an example, let's introduce his production process. The thermoplastic resin enters the tubular plastic parison, and the model heated to a softened state is placed in the open mold while the mold is hot. After the mold is closed, it is placed in the parison immediately. Compressed air is introduced to make the plastic parison inflate and stick to the inner wall of the mold, and the cooled product is demolded along the inner wall of the mold to obtain a hollow plastic product.

child toy making machine (1)

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